The Navigator 2.0

Simple. Instant. Wireless.

Welcome to the Future of Gamma Detection.
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The Navigator GPS

Simple. Trusted. Reliable.

State-of-the-art gamma detection systems for cancer staging and tumor localization.
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The LPXproTM

2 second readings – Now with a touch screen.

The next generation in XRF Lead Paint Analyzers.
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The LPA-1

Fast. Easy. Durable.

The Lead Inspector's instrument of choice. From inspection to report in no time.
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The RadCam

Precise Spectroscopic Detection.

Rapidly locate gamma radiation sources using color-coded nuclear imaging from a remote location.
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Dynasil Products has a strong heritage built on a continuum linking science, research and technology; a commitment to innovation; and a successful track record of bringing technology to market. From handheld lead paint analyzers to medical gamma detection systems and radiation imaging systems, our portfolio of user-friendly precision instruments is based on a single premise: superior performance. Click here for the Dynasil Corporate site